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 Since I started this blog I have discussed my aspirations of what I want out of my life and writing career. So I thought I would take some time once in a while to tell you all the projects I am working on.

I have done a ton of research into blogging, internet marketing and freelance work and I am glad to say that I am slowly getting my portfolio set up for some freelance writing gigs. I have set up some articles for a hobby gaming site that allows for affiliate links to my blog to create more exposure and to give me another source of work to reference and so far I have had good feedback.

I am working on launching my own site to create a better business hub for my writing and blog. I never realized how much work goes into this stuff so it is a nice learning experience.

I also have several other blogs in the works covering several different topics and niches other than writing and personal growth.

Aside from that, I also have recently become a cohost of a podcast that focuses on a card game that I enjoy with some friends and that is going well.

I would have links to these things but WordPress won’t allow me to link them.

I will have more updates as some things push forward.

Thanks for supporting my blog and following me as I break out of the cell and into the life following a passion.