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Since I have started this blog, I have noticed a pattern.

Friends, family and coworkers will ask me “what’s new?” and of course, part of my response is “Well, I started a blog!”

Then comes the obligatory questions like what is it about? Or how many viewers do you have. This is generally expected since most people uphold the niceties of courtesy.

What is unexpected is the 90% that follow those questions with “I always wanted to be a writer”. I have heard this statement so many times now that I am having trouble keeping count.

This does not come quite as a shock to me. The concept of a story, in written or verbal form, has been a defining factor in human history since the dawn of man and the idea of living the American dream on the back of a story of your own creation is a vision of many.

The question to be asked here is why?

Why have so many said to themselves “I always wanted to be a writer” then moved on to the drudgery of “proper” careers. Why have so many left this dream that they fantasized about behind to collect dust until it is unrecognizable.

It is not until the mention of someone else taking action to obtain that dream and make it a reality that they look back into the past and remember that discarded idea of a future they once wanted for themselves.

So again, my question is why.

I have already established the fear that is crippling to myself as a reason for putting this dream on the backburner. A fear that I am quenching every time I type my thoughts or work on my manuscript. But what else is there?

What else is holding people back?

So here are my questions for whoever is following this blog or happens to stumble upon it.

What is it that is stopping you from being the writer you have always wanted to be?

If you are writing now, what is it that allowed you to overcome adversity to follow the path that you are currently taking?

These are the question I want to know and understand. So that maybe, together, we can break through whatever is holding so many people back. So we can build off these obstacles and crush them under our collective heel.

I started this blog as a way for me to keep myself accountable and record the journey down the difficult path of obtaining ones dreams but maybe it can be more than that. Maybe it can be a place where people can come for comfort. To read and share with others the things that hold us all back from our goals and aspirations.

If you read this blog and you have ever thought to yourself “I would love to be a writer”, let me know in the comments what is holding you back and lets climb this mountain together.